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Updating your iPhone

January 18, 2011

We’ve all seen this at one time or another:

When you plug in your iPhone to iTunes and you get a pop up with this message

Be it 4.2.1 , 4.0 , or 3.1.2.. whatever

IF your iPhone is Unlocked for a different carrier other than AT&T, AVOID updating your iPhone.  You will most likely lose your unlock and jailbreak.  If there is no unlock available for the new update, then you are stuck with an iPhone that can only be used for AT&T until someone finds a way to unlock it again.  That can mean a few weeks or a few months!

Also, DO NOT RESET your iPhone either.  The same thing happens.

I sold many iPhones, and I always get calls a few months later asking me why their iPhone doesn’t work for Tmobile anymore, and I ask them if they updated their iPhone and its always YES, and I say too bad sucka!  Well not really.


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