How to Thether an iPhone

Tethering an iPhone means you can use your Laptop or any internet device and connect it with your iPhone’s data connection.  Sort of like using your iPhone as a modem for your internet devices.

There’s a couple ways to do this.  One way is to go to your iPhone’s Settings icon and then go to General – Network – Internet Tethering.  Now this method will probably cost you additional fees through your carrier, but who wants to pay for that especially if you’re already paying for unlimited data.

The other method which I personally use is getting an app that’ll allow you to tether your iPhone to other devices.  This method requires that you jailbreak your iPhone first though because the app you need is not there at the App Stores.

It’s an app called MyWI which is pretty much the only app I put on my iPhone

With this app you can turn your iPhone into a Wifi Hotspot, like those hotspots your see at Starbucks or Mcdonalds, but the hotspot is your iPhone!  Pretty cool.  You can find this through Cydia which is an app you get from Jailbreaking your iPhone.

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