What is Jailbreak / What is Unlock?

What is an iPhone Jailbreak?

Apple loves to keep their products on lock down.  They want to keep their iPhones having only their approved apps, approved themes, approved looks, approved functions, approved carriers, etc.

Well some of us like the iPhone but want to put what we want to put, whether it’s approved by Apple or not.

Jailbreaking is a software made by hackers that exploit the iPhone and allow users to bypass the iPhone’s security measures so that you can do pretty much anything you want to your iPhone.  I’ve seen people go as far as installing the Android Software onto an iPhone, so an iPhone that acts like an Android.

What happens when you Jailbreak your iPhone?

On your end nothing really.  You won’t see any difference except for a new app on your iPhone called Cydia.  Through this app you can install 3rd party apps, stuff that Apple doesn’t approve of >=).

Does it harm your iPhone?

No.  Jailbreaking itself doesn’t harm your iPhone, but when you start installing a lot of 3rd party apps that are really buggy, it can cause your iPhone to crash every now and then.  In the worst case scenario you can always reset your iPhone and everything will be back to normal.

What is Unlocking?

Unlocking your iPhone allows you to use any carrier other than AT&T, like Tmobile for example.  As of right now, iPhones can only be used with GSM carriers, but that will change when Verizon releases their CDMA version of the iPhone.

Why should I jailbreak my iPhone?

Everyone has their reasons. They want to customize their iPhone with cool themes, icons, and sounds.  They want apps they are not available through the app stores.  One of the main reasons is being able to get apps for free…  I’m talking about the apps at the app store that you normally have to pay for.

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